Quoting Srini,

“The inspiration for the straight to DVD titles of Futurama

– Beast with a Billion Backs from ‘Beast with two backs’ – a quote from Othello
– Benders Game from Enders Game
– Into the Wild green yonder from the Wild Blue Yonder
– Bender’s Big Score from Shaft’s Big Score”

Cryptic references to this pub and this object appear in a popular song. Explain.



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  1. Pop Goes The Weasel. “In and out the Eagle” supposedly refers to the Eagle pub. Another explanation says the weasel is a reference to the spinner’s weasel and that the song itself refers to the monotony of a textile industry job.

  2. Pop goes the weasel
    The eagle pub were the lines are written,the loom shuttle that is mentioned in the poem

    anil raghavan

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