Daily Question – 146

A note about the QFI meeting this Sunday – Gopal Kidao writes,

“You are invited to the QFI meeting to be held this weekend.

The Quizmaster will be Srini Rajagopal (Fing) who has been won numerous
quizzes like the Landmark and Odyssey quizzes. Srini has done some wonderful
quizzes for us in the past. Be there in large numbers to enjoy this quiz as

Date – 9th November, 2008

Venue – PS Senior Secondary school, # 33, Alarmelmangapuram,
Mylapore, Chennai 600004

Time – 10 AM”

Quoting Raghuvansh: “The connect is the Jack Russell Terrier.

Image 1 is Rev John “Jack” Russell, who developed the Jack Russell Terrier breed which was named after him.

Image 2 shows Jack Russell terriers (edited logo of the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America).

Image 3 is the former England test wicketkeeper turned painter Robert Charles Russell, known more popularly as Jack Russell after the dog breed.”

Question from Shiv, again.

Which fictional characters were supposedly based on these two?

(To Shiv’s clients, who are unknowingly funding all his quizzing research on some very expensive billed hours, we offer you a unit of human compassion. 😀 )

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