20 thoughts on “Daily Question – 145

  1. 1. John “Jack” Russell
    2. Jack Russell Terrier Club of America
    3. Jack Russell – the erstwhile Brit cricketer

  2. Connex is Jack Russell. First is the person after whom the dog is named, second is the old log for the booze named after the pooch and third is the England wicket-keeper Jack Russell who is also a superb painter

  3. The connect is Jack Russel Terrier. The 1st photo is that of John Parson (Jack) Russel who first bred these dogs the last photo is that of the former English wicket keeper Jack Russel.

  4. the last image is that of Jack Russell. The person in the first image probably is Edwin Landseer.

    In the centre are the Landseer and Jack Russell breed of Dogs.

  5. jack russell?
    i think the terrier is named after the guy in the first photo. the third pick is the former english wicketkeeper

  6. The connection is “Jack Russell” The last pic was the dead giveaway 😀

    The last pic is of the former English wicket keeper – Jack Russell.

    The picture in the middle is of the Jack Russell terrier.

    The first one is the original Jack Russell, the man after whom the Jack Russell terrier is named 🙂

  7. Correction
    JRT wasnt named after Jack Russell the wicketkeeper… the man on the right is Rev.John Russell who gives his name to the terrier variety

  8. john “jack” russell, a dog breeder who lent his name to the jack russell terriers. the 3rd pic is of jack russell, former england wicket keeper n now artist.

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