Daily Question – 81

What originated from the incident depicted in this drawing?

The coat of arms of Poland – the White Eagle emblem, originated when Poland’s legendary founder Lech saw a white eagle’s nest. When he looked at the bird, a ray of sunshine from the red setting sun fell on its wings, so they appeared tipped with gold, the rest of the eagle was pure white. He was delighted and decided to settle there and placed the eagle on his emblem.

Cracked by only one person – Thomas Masun! Hats off, sir!!

3 thoughts on “Daily Question – 81

  1. Dear Uncle:

    I’m very late in replying today, because of tuition class — so I fear everybody would have gotten this question already, because it’s so blatantly obvious. I would start skipping tuition class, if only it wasn’t for that wonderful, busty Susan ma’am.

    Anyway, the answer is the coat of arms of Poland. This is the famous bird that flew out of its nest in the “Legend of the Three Brothers.” The three brothers in question, of course, being Lech, Czech, and Rus.

    Another legend has it that these three brothers were themselves etymologically significant. Czech for Czechoslovakia, Rus for Russia, and Lech for what I do in tuition class.

    Kind regards
    Thomas Masun

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