Daily Question – 58

Identify both and connect.

Visual 1 shows the Scottish band Belle And Sebastian, which takes its name from the French book ‘Belle Et Sebastien’ (Visual 2) by Cecile Aubry.

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  1. Belle and Sebastian – Scottish pop band
    Belle et Sebastien – novel by Cecil Aubry

  2. Belle and Sebastian – Scottish pop band taken their names from the tv series of Belle and Sebastian – anime adaptation of novel by Cecil Aubry

  3. Belle and Sebastian get its name from a French Comic book called Belle et Sebastien.

  4. Belle and Sebastian, both times around. The band takes its name from the kids stuff. Remember some IITM chap asking this – BoFi, most likely.

  5. 1)The band belle&sebastian
    2)The book belle et sebastien by cecile aubrey
    The name of the band inspired by the book

  6. Dear Uncle:

    The first photo shows the band “Belle and Sebastian.” It takes its name from the French children’s book “Belle et Sebastien,” which we see in the second visual.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  7. Belle and Sebastian the Scottish pop band derived its name from the anime adapted tv series Belle and Sebastien based on the novel by
    Cecile Aubrey

  8. Belle and Sebastian ,the Scottish pop band gets its name from the cartoon tv series Belle and Sebastien based on the novel by Cecile Aubrey.

  9. 1st pic- The Scottish Band- Belle and Sebastian.

    2nd pic- The Japanese cartoon Meiken Jolie, also known as Belle and Sebastian.

    Connect- The novel named Belle and Sebastian by Cecil Aubry. The band name is inspired by the novel and the cartoon is an adaptation of the same novel.

  10. just as thomas was seeing this question, the doorbell rand and it was thomas chacko’s cousin, sebastin..that set off the bells in thomas’ brains and he must have replied by now..belle and sebastin

  11. Belle and Sebastian-Cecile Aubry’s children book. The band in pic1 takes its name from there and the anime in pic2 its story.

  12. belle and sebastian, belle et sebastien. one took name from other. hah, no google!

    a request: please normalise the time a new question is up to something like 10 pm or midnight?

  13. Scottish band Belle & Sebastian take their name from the Belle et Sébastien, a children’s book by French writer Cécile Aubry.

  14. pic 1 is the band “belle and sebastian”. pic 2 is the inspiration for the name ie the childrens book Belle et Sébastien.
    ergo, connect is belle & sebastian.

  15. 1. The scottish band belle & sebastian
    2. Children book by cecile aubry which was the inspiration for naming the band

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