Daily Question – 31

Identify both of them. What achievement connects them?

Ernst Happel (Visual 1) and Ottmar Hitzfeld (Visual 2) are the only two managers to have won the European Cup (now UEFA Champions League) with two different clubs.

Cracked by 12 of you! In order – harish, Diwakar Pingle, Thomas Masun, vijaysarathy, The Clueless Anon, Anil, Atul Mathew, Akila, Gaurav, Paulie, Thejaswi Udupa and citibank(rupt). Well done!

And now for the results of the second weekly championship. Only two people got all seven right – Thejaswi Udupa & Thomas Masun. And young Thomas managed to beat Udupa to submitting the answer 5 times. So, presenting the second QFI Chennai Super King – Thomas Masun!

13 thoughts on “Daily Question – 31

  1. ernst happel and ottmar hitzfeld are the only 2 coaches to win the champs league with 2 different clubs

  2. Ernst Happel + Ottmar Hitzfield – only managers to have won UEFA Champions League with two different clubs

  3. Dear Uncle:

    I am the (n+1)th to comment, where n is a raaga in the melakartha Harikambhoji.

    These very famous pictures are, of course, of Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld. Why such famous people you put, I don’t know… When I was putting mugs for photos, along the lines of “Vinod Khanna with gun,” I naturally mugged “Windblown dude looking constipated in a stadium” and “Smug-looking bastard in front of lots of logos.”

    From the similar shapes of their noses, I conclude that these must be the only two coaches to win the Champions League with two different teams. Wikipedia tells me that Champions League is most probably a football tournament. I will take its word for that.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  4. Only two managers to win the Champions League/European Cup with two different clubs; Ernst Happel with Feyenoord & Hamburg, Ottmar Hitzfeld with Borussia Dortmund & Bayern Munich.

  5. Ernst Happel
    Ottmar Hitzfeld

    Managers who have won the European Cup/UEFA Champions League with two different clubs.

    Akila and her team mate!!!

  6. Visual 1-Ernst Happel
    Visual 2-Ottmar Hitzfield

    These 2 are the only coaches in the history of the UEFA Champions League to win the title with two different clubs.

  7. I get by with a little help from wiki – Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld – “only managers to win the European Cup/UEFA Champions League with two different clubs”

  8. Managers who have won European Cup / UEFA Champions League with two different clubs.

    Ernst Happel and Ottmar Hitzfeld

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