QFI Meeting on January 8, 2023

The first QFI session of the year will happen on January 8th, Sunday. Before the regular QFI meeting at 4 PM (details forthcoming), we have a special event: the January edition of Quiz Champion (set by Vinod George) at 2 PM. This will be a 100 question written quiz to be completed in 50 minutes. Participants are required to register beforehand by messaging Vinod (at 7200046607) and pay an entry fee of Rs 50 (to cover the printout costs) through UPI to 7200046607@ybl. This quiz has been well received by quizzers around the world and is available (for a reduced fee) as an in-person event for the first time. Those who enjoy participating in WQC, Mahaquizzer and other written quizzes are requested to make the best of this opportunity.