QFI Ender Bender on Sunday, December 18th

Dear quizzers,

We know you’ve missed it.

Not the quizzing itself: there have been substitutes for that. (Mimirs, Discord, Zoom prelims, “keep your hands visible,” “quads”: all the jargon of the last two years.) Rather, we know you’ve missed quizzing in a way where the questions matter less than the booze, and where (after a certain point in the afternoon) everyone’s hands are all too visible, clutched around plates of snacks and mugs of beer.

We’re at that point in early December when every young quizzer’s thoughts turn fondly to Ender Benders. So QFI Chennai is delighted to announce that, after a two-year, covid-stricken hiatus, the Ender Bender is back this month. You know the drill: amateur, one-off, and diehard quizzers all gathering for a day of lighthearted, heckle-filled, pleasantly buzzy quizzing. People take turns to run their small sets of questions, they grow merry, and the banter gets surreal. All in all, a fine introduction to (or a perfect return to) live quizzing, and nothing at all like a sombre Mimir on Zoom.

So gather up all your stray questions // put together a set of 10 questions that may or may not lampoon Thejaswi Udupa (we’re easy either way), and roll up:

Date: Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022

Time: 10 am to 5 pm

Venue: Madras Boat Club

Fee: Rs 1,000 (includes rounds of snacks as well as a buffet lunch; beer tokens will be sold by the glass on the day)

Dress code: Shirts with collars and close-toed shoes for men; no specific dress code for women

To sign up for QFI’s Ender Bender, go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScS6S9RMGvA88Nir8xU35Nnv24DS1b2pMiAxGhyp6QfN39A2A/viewform and follow the instructions

Please write to mail@quizfoundation.com for any clarifications. We hope to see you there!

QFI Chennai