QFIesta 2019 Round-up

It’s been a week since QFIesta 2019 and it does appear as if we’ve fallen off the news cycle thanks to events in other parts of the country. Thought we’d share a quick recap of QFIesta 2019 before it becomes ancient history like some of our regulars.

First up, thanks to all the participants for spending all of Saturday and Sunday with us. Based on the feedback you’ve sent in via whatsapp, FB and pigeon post, it doth appear as if a good time was had by one and all. We had 50 odd teams participating in each of the quizzes including 4 school teams. A word of thanks also to quiz clubs from all over who traveled to Alwarpettai – we do hope we made it worth your time and money. May Kamal Hassan, who lives across the road from CP Art Gallery, bless you with his grace.

Here are the consolidated results from all the quizzes conducted on the 3rd and 4th of August. We’d like to assure you that a different set of 8 teams made it to each of the finals though the top 3 results listed below do make it seem like Federer, Nadal and Djokovic ran away with all the prizes.

1. “Saare! Jahaan se Achchan”, a general quiz conducted by Gopal Kidao, Ravi Mundoli and Arun Hiregange was won by Wimvi Mandram, with QED in 2nd place and Notepad at all in 3rd place.

2.“Mild Strawberries”, an entertainment quiz conducted by Vijay Sarathy, Priyambad and Jayakanthan was won by Agnes Bhargav-da. Remembrance of Things Fast finished second and Zulfiqar-e-Fidel placed third.

3. “The No Ego MELA quiz” — Not much of “ME” but lots of “LA” (voted the best quiz of the fest by popular consensus) conducted by Dinesh Krithivasan, Vinid Sasidharan and Harish Krishna was won by Notepad at All. WimWi Mandram and CIDs from Kerala finished second and third respectively.

4. Ä Question of Sport”, conducted by Rohit Suresh, Ramesh Natarajan and Mario Fernando saw Suraj Menon, Aditya Gadre and Annanya Deb finish first. Sankhya Krishnan, Vijay Sarathy and Prashanth Sampath finished second while Sachin Deshpande, Titash Banerjea, VV Ramanan finished third.

5. The QFI Open Quiz conducted by Kiran Vijayakumar, Navin Rajaram and Manu Sudhakar was won by QED, followed by Maris Troicka and WimWi Mandram.

Congrats all!

A bunch of you have written in asking how you can access the quizzes conducted at QFIesta. This is in addition to the 5% leap in subscriptions that we’ve seen in the last five days alone. It’s quite simple, really – become a subscriber. You automatically get access to all the QFI quizzes conducted this year (or in years past) by paying a fee of Rs. 1000 per year. 
Follow this link in case you’d like to receive the QFIesta quizzes (and the rest of the 2019 stuff): https://www.quizfoundation.com/get-questions/

In case you have any ideas or suggestions regarding what we can do to make QFIesta better or quizzing more fun and inclusive, do send in a message to this page or an e-mail to mail@quizfoundation.com. Please get in touch if you’d like to conduct a quiz at one of our fortnightly sessions as well.

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