QF1 League Season 1 is now at an end!


Just thought we’d let you know that season 1 of the QF1 League formally over. You’d probably think that it’s about time, given that we’re just about to send out edition 2 of season 2 but in our defense, we were winding up a few loose ends such as entering scores from tardy quiz clubs (including a certain QFI, Chennai).

First up, we’d like to thank all the proctors for participating so enthusiastically: following up regularly and pulling us up when we sent in quizzes late, keeping us up late at night fixing a point or two in someone’s scores (it was mostly just Vinid who stayed up), ensuring that attendance was constantly high and providing constant feedback to help us improve our quizzes. We do hope all of you keep us pirouetting for season 2 as well.

Thank you proctors. And thank you to the various quiz clubs comprising corporate employees, college students and school students for taking our quizzes.

A lot of the moments which made organizing all this worthwhile came from Kerala. Aravind Anil and Mahendra Babu (to name a couple) put in so much enthu that we often felt left behind. My personal favorite story remains the time one of these fine gentlemen made a personal trip to a non traditional venue and still found the time to host a QF1 for quizzers there.

Now for a few numbers of interest. In case you’re interested in performing further dive deeps, you can always check out Vinid’s cool dashboard here: https://www.quizfoundation.com/dash/.

1329 unique participants
61 different centers in three continents spread across 5 countries
760 college participants, 498 open participants and 71 school participants (including the incredible Anand Rajagopal of Chai Pe Quiz Kochi who finished in the top 2% of all participants)

Thanks for reading so far.

Before we move on to the top 10 quizzers, we’d like to take a moment to recognize the efforts of those who kept QF1 going all through season 1. Namely ourselves.

JK – who conceptualized the QF1 league and is now working on a TED talk regarding his experiences as the showrunner,

Vinid – who didn’t just consolidate scores sent in random formats, at weird hours, with mismatching or missing e-mail IDs but also found the time and energy to build a dashboard. By now he has probably memorized the email IDs of all 1329 participants, given the number of times proctors have gotten in touch requesting scores to be updated for one participant or many.

Raju – who worked with proctors all over to ensure that quizzes were sent on time, answered questions, and decided whether or not points were to be awarded for a particular response. He was assisted in these efforts by Keshav.

Nazo provided art work and graphics which helped publicize the QF1 League during its infancy.

A word of thanks also to QFI core (who provided constant feedback, gyaan and margdarshan), volunteers who set quizzes and went through increasingly stringent reviews, and participants who attempted the quizzes at our venues in Chennai.

We thought long and hard about declaring our top 10 quizzers. Ultimately we decided to pick the top 10 based on their top 7 scores from across the season (as opposed to cumulative scores). This is in recognition of the fact that it was a fairly long season and even Manchester City doesn’t show up on all days. Regardless of which criteria you prefer and which filters you’d like to apply in order to identify your top 10, the relevant data should be available in the dashboard link given above. Don’t forget to invite us for your prize distribution functions.

1. Nisha Pillai
2. Vinoo Sanjay
3. Balaji Srinivasan
4. Venkatraghavan S.
5. Raghuvansh Ramaswamy
6. Ravi Mundoli
7. Aditya Sriram Sankaran
8. Ganesh S. Tyagali
9. Annie Sen Gupta
10. Chandrakant Nair

(Non-ironic) Congrats All!