QFI Ender Bender 2015

Dear QFI members in Chennai,

Samanth will NOT be able to attend Ender Bender this year. He is, therefore, sure it will be just awful. Not at all like it regularly is: a day full of beer and quizzing and food, in which each member brings small sets of 10-20 questions apiece. A day of good-natured heckling. A day where the beer flows like water, and where quizzers abruptly leave in the middle of questions to head to the loo, where the beer flows out of them like water. A day where the most shy quizzers turn into raging maniacs under the influence, and where you suddenly find you’re missing two team members, only to spot them making out in a dark corner of the room. Hours of fun, after which quizzers stagger blearily out, depressed at the prospect of living through another whole year before the next Ender Bender.

As Samanth said, this year’s Ender Bender will definitely be nothing compared to previous editions. But if, despite these warnings, you want to attend, please fill out this form by the evening of Friday the 25th:


We need the form to get a rough headcount for food and beer. The details:

Venue: Gandhinagar Club,
Date: Sunday, December 27, 2015
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Fee: Rs 800 for non-drinkers; Rs 1,000 for drinkers (fee includes food, soft-drinks for non-drinkers, and beer for the others)
Requirements: Each attendee must bring a set of 10-20 questions in a PPT form
Dress Code: Collared Shirt/T-Shirt, Trousers and closed sandals/ shoes. No Shorts, round neck T-Shirts/

Hope to see you there. Oh wait, I won’t be there. Hope you go and have a really miserable time.