QFI Meeting on January 4, 2015


Wish you a happy new year!

We have the first QFI meeting of the new year on Sunday, January 4, 2015 from 10 AM to 1 PM at our usual venue, PS School.

We will have a quiz by Raju (Rajagopal). This would be a quiz he had conducted at KQA recently. Raju has conducted some great quizzes for us in the past, so be there!

If you had prepared a quiz for Ender Bender and had not conducted it then, please get in touch and we can schedule it at one of the upcoming QFI sessions.

With the new year, you can renew your QFI subscription for 2015. If you’re coming for Sunday’s meeting you can meet one of the QFI organizers to hand over your subscription fee of Rs 500 for the new year. If you are not able to hand over the fee in person, you can pay through post, bank deposit or online transfer as before. If you had paid the subscription fee for 2014 by online transfer, the account details remain the same and you can transfer the subscription fee for 2014 to the same account. If you need the account details please email us at qfichennai@gmail.com.

For the information of newcomers, QFI offers annual subscriptions on a calendar year basis and paying subscribers receive all our quizzes by email. Those of you who are interested in taking up a new QFI membership / renewing one, can do so at our meetings in person. Our annual membership fee is Rs. 500. Members get access to an exclusive mailing list on which quizzes from our meetings are circulated.

Memberships are open to everyone, irrespective of location. If you cannot pay your membership fee in person, it can also be paid online, by bank deposit, or by post, so don’t miss out on our quizzes! Subscribers joining at any time of the year can access all of the year’s quizzes from the archives. Please email us for details. QFI relies on your patronage and your subscription would be a great way to support us. Please ensure you are subscribed to enjoy all the quizzes from our fortnightly meetings.

Venue – PS Senior Secondary School, #33, Alarmelmangapuram, Mylapore, Chennai 600004

Time – 10 AM