QFI Ender Bender 2014


We plan to hold our annual Ender Bender quiz on December 21, Sunday at Boat Club, RA Puram, Chennai. The Ender Bender is our annual quiz where we get together and have a session of quizzing which extends over most of a day, starting in the morning and proceeding till evening.

We will have food (lunch and snacks) along with drinks (beer and soft drinks.) Participants bring 10 or more questions each. A cover charge will apply. We are figuring out the amount but expect to pay upwards of Rs. 800 per person with beer drinkers paying more. We request you to register at the following URL with your details and help us arrive at a head count at the earliest.


4 thoughts on “QFI Ender Bender 2014

  1. hi , i am just a quiz enthusiast and want to just attend the program , so is it compulsory that we need to bring in questions .. and regarding the payment , should i pay while i come there ..

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