QFIesta 2014 Quizzes on August 16-17, 2014

Note: The NIT Trichy Open Quiz on the 16th is named the Festember Open. Change made in the announcement below. All the other details remain the same.

Respected castoffs,

O you tribes of quizzers wandering around the country, know ye that the long-promised caravanserai is at last at hand. To be sure, there are other places of temporary rest: a lodge in Bombay, where chocolate bars are verily flung about; an agglomeration of tents in Delhi, where quizzes may end without warning; an oasis in Bangalore, now desolate after being abandoned by its foremost bearded pard. A shelter has even come up in distant Calcutta, we hear, but we attribute these to rumours blown from the east by strange winds and gibbering travellers.

But here is the True Inn of the Last Rest, the QFI Chennai QFIesta, where you may partake of nourishment, of infinite pounce, and of discreet couplings in the bushes behind the IIT Central Lecture Theatre. Know ye also that, in this age of inflated air fares, we have scheduled QFIesta in conjunction with the Landmark Quiz. Broken thanks and tears of gratitude are all we seek.

See ye below the deets:

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 16-17, 2014
Venue: IIT Madras, Central Lecture Theatre
Teams for all quizzes: Up to three members per team
Registration fee for all quizzes: Rs. 150 per quiz

DAY 1: Saturday, August 16, 2014
9:30 am: The AV quiz (by VV Sivakumar, Thejaswi Udupa, Ramkey V)

On the afternoon of August 16, 2014, the annual NIT Trichy Festember Open Quiz, for teams of three, will also be held at IIT Madras. Further details will be sent out by the Festember team.

DAY 2: Sunday, August 17, 2014
9:30 am: The Sports quiz (by Mashi, Gaurav S and Ramesh N)
2:30 pm: The QFI Open 2014 (by Jayakanthan, Swaminathan G, Samanth S)

We will certainly start on time on both days, and we will endeavour to finish by 8:30 pm as well. But teams planning to leave Chennai on Sunday night may want to book the last flight / train available, just in case. The venue, IIT Madras, is not far from the airport, but it is something of a schlep to the railway station, so budget at least 45 minutes to get to Chennai Central by auto-rickshaw.

For further queries, please email:
QFI Chennai: qfichennai [AT] gmail [DOT] com

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