QFI Quizzes on the weekend of 25-26 January 2014


On the weekend of 25-26 January 2014, along with IITM Open Quiz and the Tanishq Open Quiz, we will have two QFI events in the mornings.

On the 25th, we will have an open quiz by Chandrakant Nair. On the 26th, we will have the second annual QFI Avial Pursuit quiz, set by a team comprising Arun, Aniruddh, Yaggy and Matti. Both quizzes are conducted by people who have done some great quizzes in the past. Don’t miss out on them!

The two quizzes will be held in the CRC – the Class Room Complex, in the IIT Madras campus.

Registrations for Chandrakant’s quiz will begin at 9:30 AM on the 25th. Avial Pursuit registrations will begin at 9 AM on the 26th. There will be a registration fee of Rs 100 per quiz, per team. Both quizzes are for teams of 3. We hope to end both quizzes in time for the participants to have lunch and head for the quizzes in the afternoon.

Both quizzes are open to all, please be welcome.