QFIesta 2013

Dear ardent quizzer,

It is possible that some of you still wake up in the middle of the
night, screaming and sweating, imagining that you are back in Sreeram
and Sankhya’s cricket quiz. In the dream, it is circa summer 2012. A
question has appeared on the slide about a cricketer who fielded once,
as 12th man, for an MCC XI that played an MCC second XI in a friendly,
non-documented match in 1897. You squirm and despair; you wonder if
you will ever see your parents and / or children again; you find you
have forgotten what the warmth of the sun feels like on your skin. You
put down “Smith,” just in case. Then the next question comes up,
asking for the only cricketer to have taken a first-class wicket,
eaten dinner at 10 Downing Street, AND written a novel that sold 4,000
copies or more, all simultaneously.

That is what we at QFI Chennai are all about: creating memories.

In that onward campaign, QFI Chennai announces the dates and details
of its annual quiz blowout QFIesta 2013, to enable you to better plan your travel
and memorise the faces of your loved ones. The regulation quiz-orgy
weekend will take place over July 13-14.

We’d say rich prizes await – and they do – but surely we do it all for
the memories, do we not?

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, July 13-14, 2013
Venue: IIT Madras, Central Lecture Theatre (Air-conditioned! Cushioned
seats! Aunties heckling Udupa!)
Teams for all quizzes: Up to three members per team
Registration fee for all quizzes: Rs. 100 per quiz

(Tentative Schedule)

DAY 1: Saturday, July 13, 2013

9.00-12.00:  ScEnt of a Quiz – the Science and Entertainment Quiz (by Ravi Mundoli, Ashwin Prabhu, IRCTC Rajagopal)
1.00-4.00: Travel, Tourism & Adventure (by VV Sivakumar, Thejaswi Udupa, Ramkey V)
4.30-10.00: The Movie Quiz (by TK Balaji, Kiran Vijayakumar)

DAY 2: Sunday, July 14, 2013
9.30-1.00: The AV quiz (by TK Balaji, Ashwin Kumar, Vijay Sarathy)
1.30-3.30: The Sports quiz (by Gaurav Sundararaman, Prashant Sampath, Ramesh) [WRITTEN]
4.00-8.00: The QFI Open 2013 (by Jayakanthan, Swaminathan G, Samanth S)

We will certainly start on time on both days, and we will endeavour to
finish by 8:30 pm as well. But teams planning to leave Chennai on
Sunday night may want to book the last flight / train available, just
in case. The venue, IIT Madras, is not far from the airport, but it is
something of a schlep to the railway station, so budget at least 45
minutes to get to Chennai Central by auto-rickshaw.

For further queries, please email:

Gopal Kidao: gokidao@gmail.com
Samanth Subramanian: samanth@gmail.com
Jayakanthan: jayakanthan@gmail.com

Update: Facebook event page below, please sign up!

QFIesta 2013