QFI Grandmaster Quiz 2010-14th August 2010 at IIT-M

Dear Members,
Heres the quiz that you have all been waiting for: The QFI Grandmaster Quiz. The quiz will be held on Saturday 14th August at PhLT,IIT-M at 1.30PM.
This is our annual individual quiz and the winner is crowned the Grandmaster.
As per tradition, the current Grandmaster- Kiran Vijayakumar will conduct the quiz. Kiran needs no introduction as he has been a part of Metaquizzicks, the numero uno quizzing team in India and is a winner of several open quizzes.
Joining him as co-quizmaster will be one of India’s best quizzers(and now an NRI quizzer), Movin Miranda who perhaps is the only QFI member to have been on the seminal quiz show-Quiz Time on DD.
Don’t miss this quiz and your chance to be crowned Grandmaster!!
Please do bring a writing aid with you as we will have a written prelims.

This quiz is being hosted by the Quiz Club of IIT-M with whom we are now renewing our ties . Members of the IIT-M quiz club have also been invited to participate in the quiz.

The venue will the Physics Lecture Theatre (PhLT), IIT-Madras campus. Participants are requested to be seated by 1.30PM and the written quiz will begin at 2PM.

See you all at the quiz.

Gopal Kidao,QFI