Clarification: Cross-Corp teams, Pre Registration for Chennai Corporate Quizzing Circuit – Business Quiz – 10th July, 2010


As we have been getting several requests from participants for cross-corporate teams, we are now permitting participants to form cross-corporate teams (i.e. members of a team need not be from the same corporate).

This will also help increase interaction between corporates which is one of the main aims of this event.

Please do bring your ID card or a letter from your organization to the event. Please note that this event is not open to students.

Another important aspect is the pre-registration. The security system at Aricent requires that the names of the participants be given to them prior to the event. This will help speedup entry and streamline the process. Hence you are strongly urged to send an email to to register your team. The registration fee can be paid later at the venue when you are present for the event.

I hope we will have a great response for this new initiative


Gopal Kidao

Secy, QFI