QFI 566


Pic 1 is Billy Beane the Oakland As General Manager and he was the subject of the book ‘Moneyball’.

Pic2 and 3 are Michael Oher and LT respectively. They are the subjects of book ‘The Blind Side. ‘

Both were written by Michael Lewis. Three of you got it right. The rest had’The Blind Side’ which is  not complete.

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  1. moneyball, blind side, LT over the edge

    lawrence taylor was arrested on rape charges recently

  2. Michael Lewis. Movies that are based on books by Michael Lewis: Blind side and Moneyball

  3. Michael Lewis wrote Moneyball about Oakland A’s manager Billy Beane and wrote Blindside about the increased role of left tackles in modern football. Lawrence Taylor necessitated the increase and the story also follows Michael Oher, left tackle for the Ravens.

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