QFI 556 – Know your Neighborhood – 2

Two parts.
1) The building and how it got its commonly used name?
2) One of the most popular slang / fad expressions to appear in the U.S during the Roaring 20s derived its name from the area around the building. What was that phrase?

Answer: idlichutney, kaptchoco, chotavakil, raji, thats and dandilsa all get it right. It’s the FlatIron Building in NYC named because the triangular lot it was built on that resembled, well, a flat iron. The fad phrase in question is 23Skidoo, which refers to getting out while the going’s good.

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  1. The Fuller/ Flatiron (because the base block looked like one) building at the intersection of 23rd street and 5th Avenue in Manhattan and the phrase 23 skidoo.

  2. 1. The Flatiron building in NYC. Nicknamed so because it looks like a clothes pressing iron.

    2. “23 skidoo”

  3. Fuller’s Building in Manhattan, New York. Commonly called Flatiron building, because of the shape of the land it stands on which resembles a flat iron.

    23 skidoo.

  4. The building coming up opposite Kokum in Chennai resembles the Flatiron building seen in the picture.
    The expression is skidoo23 whose origin is best seen with marilyn monroe in the seven year itch.

  5. 1) The Flatiron building in NYC got it’s name because the lot on which it was built was shaped like a clothing iron.

    2) The phrase is 23 skidoo . The building was located on 23rd Street .The draft caused by the winds swirling around the building supposedly blew up women’s skirts and cops who chased away men who had gathered there to watch this spectacle were suppposed to be giving them the 23 skidoo.

  6. flatiron building

    23 skiddoo meaning to beat a hasty retreat because of its address in manhattan

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