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  1. The logo is that of the University of Mississippi, the family is the Mannings (Eli and Peyton standing, Archie seated). The speed limit on the University of Mississippi campus is 18 MPH in tribute to Archie Manning’s jersey number as a college football player.

  2. Ole Miss campus speed limits are 18mph to this day in honour of Archie Manning’s shirt number.

    The images are, in order –
    * The university logo of Ole Miss,
    * Archie Manning with sons Eli & Peyton and
    * One of the 18mph speed limit signs.

  3. Ole Miss Univ..archie manning’s number 18 @ Ole Miss is the official speed limit inside the Uiv.

  4. 1. Ole Miss’ logo (Archie Manning played college football for the University of Mississippi)
    2. The Mannings, Archie with his sons, Peyton and Eli
    3. Archie’s Jersy number, 18 was set as the official speed limit on Ole Miss campus.

    Connect – Archie Manning

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