QFI Chennai-537

Why would this glum looking couple seem familiar to you?
Though some of you may swear that it was Sumo at his wedding reception, the answer, as guessed by many of you painting buffs out there is that they appear in Grant Wood’s American Gothic.
The models were Grant’s sis – Nan Wood Graham & his dentist Byron McKeeby.

14 thoughts on “QFI Chennai-537

  1. Wood’s sister, Nan Wood Graham & his local dentist from Cedar Rapids, Dr. Byron H. McKeeby – supposedly the models for Wood’s American Gothic

  2. Gee, I don’t know. Maybe they posed in the foreground of an iconic Grant Wood painting or something.

  3. They were the model for the couple in the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood? Wikipedia says the couple in the painting were Nan Wood and Dr. Byron McKeeby.

    If, indeed, they are, they seem so familiar because American Gothic has been imitated and parodied so many times in so many ways.

  4. The real characters in Grant Woods’ famous American Gothic: his sister Nan and his dentist Dr Byron McKeeby.

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