QFI Chennai – 524

Moving on from entertainment, here’s a lame attempt at something else.

Put Funda / Comment / Connect …

6 of you got the connect …

Ans : The connect is A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The Prince is Prince Ranjitsinghji of Jamnagar (of Ranji Trophy fame) a.k.a Colonel His Highness Shri Sir Ranjithsinji Vibhaji, Maharajah Jam Saheb of Nawanagar, GBE, KCSI

The gentleman is Sir Neville Cardus (who came out with gems like “A snick by Jack Hobbs is a sort of disturbance of a cosmic orderliness”)

His colourful description of the stylish and unorthodox Ranji who was seen as one of the greatest batsmen of all time prior to World War I was “The Midsummer Night’s Dream of Cricket”.

The Painting was Henry Fuseli’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (Bottom’s Dream)

8 thoughts on “QFI Chennai – 524

  1. Clockwise – Ranjitsinghji, Neville Cardus, A Midsummer Night’s dream.
    Connect – Neville Cardus described Ranjitsinghji as the ‘Midsummer Night’s dream’ of cricket.

  2. Neville Cardus describing Ranjitsinghji as “the Midsummer night’s dream of cricket”

  3. 1.Maharaja Ranjitsinhji
    2.Neville Cardus
    3.Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Bowled by the panache displayed on the pitch by Ranjitsinhji, Neville Cardus eulogised him as the midsummer night’s dream of cricket.

  4. That is KS Ranjit Singhji, famous cricketer, who was also Maharaja of Jam Nagar. Neville Cardus (in the second picture) described him as Midsummer Night’s Dream of Cricket, the painting is a representation of the donkey eared Bottom from Midsummer Night’s Dream, being entertained by the fairy queen, who is smitten with him, and her handmaidens.

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