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  1. Natal?
    The first pic is Kwazulu Natal province in South Africa, the second pic is Microsoft’s Project Natal and the third one is Christmas Islands (‘Natal’ in Portugese means ‘Christmas’)

  2. Natal Province
    Microsoft’s new motion sensing controller – Project Natal
    Christmas Island – Hopefully they’ll have the controller out by Christmas 2010

  3. Forget my previous answer:

    1. Natal region in South Africa
    2. Project Natal – Microsoft’s motion sensing controller for the XBox
    3. Christmas Island. As it happens, “Natal” is the Portuguese word for Christmas and Natal, South Africa was named that when Vasco Da Gama happened to land there on Christmas day.

  4. 1. KwaZulu-Natal
    2. Project Natal – Named by Alex Kipman after Natal, Rio Grande do Norte – a place in Brazil
    3. Christmas Island, Australia

    Natal literally means Christmas

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