475: The lady had a tussle with the company in the second visual. What happened as a result?

474: The Book of Leviticus. The sign mentions Leviticus, the book of the Bible which is usually cited for its Holiness Code and Priestly Code; the Liberty Bell is named after a word in the saying from Leviticus inscribed on it.

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  1. Yolande Betbeze, and because she refused to pose for publicity pictures, Catalina stopped sponsoring Miss America and started the Miss USA, Miss Universe contests

  2. Catalina used to sponsor the Miss America pageant. Yolande Betbeze, the winner in one edition refused to pose for publicity pictures with the Catalina swimwear. Hence Cataline found Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants.

  3. Yolande Betbeze Fox (A) entered Miss Alabama for the scholarship opportunities the pageant presented. Having been educated in a convent school, she was reluctant to pose in a swimsuit and refused to do so after she won Miss America.

    That led the swim suit company, Catalina, to withdraw their sponsorship of the Miss America pageant and eventually brought about the creation of the rival Miss USA pageant.

  4. Yolanda Betbeze Fox refused to wear the swimsuit for a photo Op after the Miss America Pageant (sponsored by Catalina Swimwear) – which resulted in Catalina pulling out of the Miss Am sponsorship, resulting in the Miss USA pageants stressing more on scholarship than beauty.

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