397: Identify the source of this video clip and explain its significance.


396: The first video shows writer / director Kevin Smith detailing his experiences working on a proposed Superman film which fell through. One of the things that he mentions is film producer Jon Peters’ obsession with giant spiders, which he insists be included into story lines under his review. (He has unsuccessfully lobbied for such inclusions in projects such as Superman and Sandman. He was successful in the case of the film Wild Wild West. ) The second clip is from the film Superman: Doomsday which makes a reference to this incident with Kevin Smith himself playing a cameo.

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  1. Roger and Me, Micheal Moore’s documentry on the fall of the auto industry in Detroit and how that event lead to the closure of a lot of buildings and converted the area into a wasteland. These buildings are now used for shooting Hollywood movies with post-apocalypse or poverty themes.

  2. ok, this is Koyaanisqatsi. some googling tells me it’s the demolition of the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex – the day modern architecture died.

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