308: He said the following to a biographer:  “I must explain that I am not at all interested in biographical matter relating to myself and that I consider the modern practice of publishing details about the lives and personalities of well-known men is nothing but a vulgar catering to illegitimate curiosity…. I shall be grateful if you will publish nothing but the barest facts about myself. What you should deal with is the nature and tendency of my work, and your book should be 95% on this. I wish to remain in the background, and shall not be grateful or flattered by any details about myself or my life; all that is anicca, and as the “wisdom of India” should have taught you, “portraiture of human beings is asvargya“. All this is not a matter of “modesty” but one of principle.”



307: Bharathidasan. Born Subburathinam, he named himself after poet Bharathiar. Tamil poet Suratha – named himself after Bharathidasan. (As an abbreviation of Subburathinathasan.)

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