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  1. The link should be the architect Louis Kahn. The building on the top is IIM, Ahmedabad, the building on the right looks like the Bangaladesh Parliament building, both these buildings were designed by Kahn. The person on the left, I guess must be Louis Kahn…

  2. Louis Kahn
    pictures are of IIM-A,Louis Kahn and Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban ( is the National Assembly Building of Bangladesh) .Kahn is architect of both the buildings and work on both the buildings started in the year 1962.

  3. the imposing image is anyhow IIM A. the guy, if am not mistaken, is its architect Louis I. Kahn; and his other marvelous architectural beauty: Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban, Bangladesh’s national assembly (the other pic).

  4. Works of architect Louis Kahn – the images are IIM-A, Jonas Salk (Salk Institute) and the Bangladesh Parliament house.

  5. Louis Kahn. He designed IIMA (the building shot with a fish-angle lens), Salk Institute (person on the left is Jonas Salk) and the ‘Jatiyo Sangsad’ (Bangladesh Parliament building).

  6. Lois Lane did not face The Wrath of Khan as these buildings were designed by Louis Kahn

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