236: A reunion 30 years later. What did they accomplish the first time around?


235: The wooden spoon – a mock or sometimes real award given to individuals or teams which finish last or runners up. It has its origins in a custom at Cambridge as a kind of prize given for the person who earns the lowest marks but still manages to get a third class degree in the Mathematical Tripos. The photograph was that of the last such award presented in 1909.

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  1. They smartly avoided hugging folks like chotta vakil and DP who had gone there (remember this was 30 years ago) and hugged trees instead to plant the seeds of the chipko movement

  2. The survivors from Reni village, who participated in the first Chipko movement of 1974 led by Gaura Devi.

  3. the surviving members of the first all-women chipko action at the village of reni in 1974.

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