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  1. The images are of
    a) Krakatoa Volcano
    b) Kangaroo
    c) Yucatan Peninsula

    There are yet to be verfied theories that these names were all local language phrases for “I dont know”

  2. Kangaroo and Yucatan were both so named because when Cook / Velazquez landed on respective lands and asked natives for the name of the animal/place, they were told “I don’t know” in the respective local languages, which stuck as names, so that must be the connect. Don’t know about the first.

  3. 1. Krakatoa
    2. Kangaroo
    3. Yucatan

    The origin of these words all supposedly came from “I don’t know” in the respective country’s native language.

  4. All about Nuclear testing.
    1. Manhattan Project(First nuclear test by US)
    2. Joe (first nuclear test by Russia)
    3. Bikini Island (Another by US)

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