210 – Fauvism. From Wikipedia, “The group gained their name, after critic Louis Vauxcelles described their show of work with the phrase “Donatello au milieu des fauves!” (“Donatello among the wild beasts”), contrasting the paintings with a Renaissance-type sculpture that shared the room with them.” Henri Rousseau himself was not a Fauve though.

211 – The connect?

5 thoughts on “211

  1. The Gambia , The Matterhorn , The Lebanon and ?? .. The connect — The “THE” prefix

  2. Placenames prefixed with “the”. The Gambia, the Matterhorn and the Lebanon. Fourth one I’m not sure about.. The Netherlands?

  3. 1. The Gambia
    3. Lebanon
    4.The Hague

    no idea about the connect

    is the common word separation “THE”

  4. im just taking a wild guess..

    cedar mountain
    flag of lebanon
    greenwich clock tower with crows

  5. THE
    precedes proper nouns gambia, lebanon and matterhorn. dont know the fourth.. i thought sudan phillipines

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