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  1. The idea for the show Numb3rs came when the creators of the show attended the lecture given by Bill Nye the Science guy.

  2. Connect is Numb3rs or Bill Nye. The first pic is Tribulations of Bill Nye. the creators of Numb3rs were inspiresd to create the TV Series after seeing a lecture of Bill Nye

  3. The Comic is titles The Tribulations of Bill Nye.
    The Bill Nye in question is William Nye aka Bill Nye the Science Guy.
    Nye has guest starred in several episodes of the crime drama Numb3rs as an engineering faculty member. A lecture Nye gave several years ago on exciting children about math was an inspiration for creating the Numb3rs show.

  4. 1. Tribulations of Bill Nye
    2. TV Show Numb3rs

    The idea for the show came after the show’s creators attended a math lecture by Bill Nye.

  5. WikiQuote:
    The idea of Numb3rs was generated in the late 1990s when Nick Falacci and Cheryl Heuton, the show’s creators, attended a lecture given by Bill Nye, a popular science educator.

  6. Bill Nye (The Science Guy) makes guest appearances on Numb3rs; a lecture he gave on making math interesting for children was the inspiration for the show.

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