204: Bubblewrap calendar, with one bubble meant to be burst for each day.

205: Historically there is no evidence to prove that the device in the picture and the associated practice were of the source their name implied. Nor were they even made use of by the country in question. Yet the myth began and persisted as a result of the naming of a trick (by the man in chains) and because of the works of the writer. Explain.

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  1. Chinese Water Torture, made famous by Harry “I’m not Redknapp” Houdini; the dressed-for-two gent is Sax Rohmer who wrote the Fu Manchu books.

  2. Chinese water torture, popularized by Houdini and the Fu Manchu stories of Sax Rohmer.

  3. Thomas Masun’s maternal grandfather (the late lamented Rev.Jacob Kurien) once met a certain gentleman unrolling Chinese fishing nets in Kochi harbour. Further enquries revealed his name was Sax Rohmer (creator of Fu manchu) who while getting an auyurvedic massage of oil from a suspended pot dropping on his forehead came up with an idea of combing Chinese nets and ayurveda to get the Chinese water torture which was popularized by Harry Houdini.

  4. The middle guy is Houdini..so im guessing this is the Chinese Water Torture Cell..
    The writer is probably Rohmer..of the Fu Manchu stories fame..

  5. a. Equipment for Chinese Water Torture
    b. Harry Houdini
    c. Sax Rohmer

    Connect : Chinese Water Torture

    Houdini had a escape act which popularised the term.

    Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu would also do something devious like use this method for torturing his victims and since he was Chinese, the name stuck.

  6. 1. Chinese Water Torture device
    2. Harry Houdini – Performed illusions where he escaped from Chinese Water Torture Cell.
    3. Sax Rohmer – Wrote Fu Manchu stories where Fu Manchu subjected his victims to various forms of torture.

    Houdini and Sax Rohmer are believed to be the source for originating the term Chinese Water Torture.

  7. Chinese Water Torture Cell (Chinese probably never used it)

    Harry Houdini (performed an act in which he escaped from the torture cell after being hanged from it upside down)

    Sax Rohmer’s creation Fu Manchu subjected his victims to various forms of torture including the Chinese water torture

  8. the man in the chains is hary houdini, who named the famous trick as the “chinese water torture cell”.the first pic shows “Chinese Water Torture Device ” from which houdini would be hung upside down and then miraculously escape. the author sax rohmer (pic 3) in his fu manchu stories also describes various indegenous tortures including the “chinese water torture cell”.

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