178: Edsger Dijkstra and Larry Wall – their approaches towards computer science and programming are amusingly caricatured on those posters.

179: Connect the fictional character with the playwright.

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  1. Martin Sheen playing Cpt. Willar in Apocalypse Now – the character is based on Marlowe from Conrad’s Heart of Darkness…and the second picture is of Christoper Marlowe, who probably was the inspiration for Marlowe in HoD?

    – Apurva

  2. The character is Ben Willard from Apocalypse Now, whose analog in the movie’s source, Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, is called Charles Marlow, a nod to 16th Century playwright Christopher Marlowe.

  3. Martin Sheen’s character name in the movie Apocalypse Now is Capt. Benjamin Willard,but in the book Heart of Darkness from which it is based,he is called as Charles Marlow.
    Charles Marlow name inspired from the Elizabethian playwright Christopher Marlowe.

  4. “Marlowe”

    Martin Sheen plays Willard in “Apo’ Now”, based on the character “Marlowe” in the book “Heart of Darkness”.

    I’m guessing the dapper gent on the right is Christopher Marlowe.

  5. 1. Benjamin L. Willard – Martin Sheen’s character in Apocalypse Now.
    2. Christopher Marlowe

    Apocalypse Now is based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness where the main character’s name is Marlow who goes out in search of Kurtz.

    Marlow name inspired by Christopher Marlowe and Benjamin Willard is the Marlow character in Apocalypse Now??

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