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  1. juuuust about see the Taj Mahal through the fog. shah jahan by aurangzeb, because the latter was a bit of a tyrant, but in a completely cuddly way.

  2. The reason being he wanted to see the Taj Mahal built for his beloved wife whenever he wanted

  3. When I was in Agra – and this is not an attempted joke to sound like certain well-known characters – the guide who fleeced us took us through the Agra Fort. This particular bit of the fort is called the Musamman Burj, and it is where Aurangzeb imprisoned Shahjahan for the latter’s last days – with full view of the Taj and all.

  4. shah jahan’s prison which had a view of the taj. his son imprisoned him to take the throne and it’s rumored that shah jahan spent his last days gazing at the taj at dusk and dawn

  5. Shah Jahan, who when imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb, requested a prison with a tower from where he could view his beloved wife’s tomb.

  6. Musamman Burj Agra fort – last residence of Shah Jahan where he was imprisoned for seven years by his son Aurangazeb.

  7. Thanks to Gopal Kidao for an exciting and memorable quiz at the BQC two days ago. It was an India Quiz compiled by Arun Ramanathan and the questions were very good. ( Actually, the answers too 🙂 )

    Coming to the question, that looks like the building where Shahjahan on request was given the choice of being incarcerated, so that he could still be in view of the Taj Mahal wherein his consort was interred.

  8. ShahJehan
    Auranzeb jailed him there .
    Shahjehan wanted to stay in that particular house so that he can see the Taj while spending last few days of his life.

  9. Shah Jahan.
    In his last days, he was put under arrest by his son Aurangazeb and SJ requested to be put in room with a view of the Taj. This is one such room in the agra fort.

  10. Shah Jahan’s last residence, the Agra Fort overlooking the Taj Mahal .

    Aurangazeb rebelled against his father Shah Jahan and killed his brother Dara Shikoh, the heir apparent. He then imprisoned Shah Jahan in the Agra Fort.

  11. It is Agra Fort, the last residence of Shah Jahan. He was a prisoner of his son Aurangzeb in his old age from where he could gaze at the Taj Mahal.

  12. Is it the Agra Fort, the last residence of Shah Jahan. He was kept under arrest by his on Aurangazeb in this fort, which had a view of taj mahal…

  13. Looks a lil too easy cause of what looks like the Taj in the background but…. will guess that this is the Agra Fort and therefore Sha Jahan’s last residence . Why ?Because his good son Mr. A zeb beheaded him and his brother ?

  14. Shah Jahan’s last residence at the Agra fort (Musamman Burj) where he spent his time gazing at the Taj Mahal.

  15. Musamman Burj (@ Agra Fort) was built by Shahjahan for Mumtaz.

    Our man Aurangazeb anyway had father (Shahjahan) imprisoned in the Agra fort.This has the best view of the Taj mahal and Shahjahan is supposed to have been yearning for his love on his deathbed there.

  16. Shah Jahan’s last residence.

    This is the Mussaman Burj/Octagonal Tower which is within the Agra Fort.

    It was chosen so Shah Jahan, imprisoned here by Aurangazeb, could have the best view to the Taj Mahal, his monument to Mumtaz, until he died.

  17. Shah Jahan’s last residence. Because he wanted to be looking at Mumtaz’s final resting place (i.e. Taj Mahal) all the time. You can see the Taj in the background.

  18. Shah Jahan imprisoned at the Agra fort by Aurangazeb. So as to see Taj Mahal during his last days.

  19. Shah Jahan – opposite to the Taj mahal. He wanted to see his wife’s tomb everyday after his son imprisoned him..

  20. I guess this is Shah Jahan’s last residence. He was imprisoned there so that he could see the Taj

  21. Shah Jahan so that he can have a view of Taj Mahal from his death bed @ Mussaman Burj.

    BTB, why was the QFI Super Kings discontinued. Even though i havent won any personally, it had provided a good competing platform for many.
    Even though it may be an administrative nightmare for the co-ord for keeping up the stats, i feel it has encouraged more participants to attempt the questions

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