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  1. The first photo is of the actor from “The Wonder Years”. I think his character was called “Kevin”. The second photo is from one of the “Home Alone” movies. Macaulay Culkin’s character’s name is “Kevin”. So methinks the connect is “Kevin”.

  2. Kevin Arnold in “The Wonder Years”.
    Fred Savage played the young Kevin Arnold and Daniel Stern was the series narrator who voiced the grown-up version.

  3. 2nd photo is that of Daniel Stern (Actor) who acted in Home Alone. No idea about the 1st photo.

  4. Pic 1 – Fred Savage of the Wonder Years fame
    Pic 2 is Daniel Stern of Home Alone Fame

    The voice of Kevin as an adult (and the show’s narrator) is supplied by Daniel Stern.

  5. Daneil Stern (2nd picture) was the voice of Kevin Arnold and Fred Savage (1st picture) was Kevin Arnold in Wonder Years

  6. pic 1-Fred Savage
    pic 2-Daniel Stern
    Daniel Stern lent his voice for Wonder Years which starred Freed Savage.
    Also,they acted in the movie Little Monsters where Daniel played the role of Fred’s dad.

  7. Wonder Years. Daniel Stern (right) was the voice of the narrator on Wonder Years, which starred Fred Savage (left)

  8. Dear Uncle:

    Last week, I was watching TV and the Wonder Years was on, and I suddenly remembered an old quiz question about the voice0ver guy in the show. I couldn’t remember it off hand, so I smsed this guy I know to ask if he remembered. At the time, he was probably sitting in some shady car dealing drugs, so he texted back only much later to tell me that it was Daniel Stern.

    That is how I know that Fred Savage and Daniel Stern together were Kevin, the visual and aural narrator of the Wonder Years.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  9. Fred Savage and Daniel Stern.
    The Wonder Years – Kevin.
    The narrater(a wiser Kevin) is voiced by Daniel Stern and youger Kevin is played by Fred.

  10. The Wonder Years.

    Daniel Stern gave the voice over for the adult Kevin Arnold, the character played by Fred Savage.

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