Daily Question – 134

“Officers and Sepoys”, a board game, a variation on Fox & Geese introduced in the 1860s to play on the hype of the 1857 war.

This is the common hawk cuckoo, also known as the papeeha, which was given a very evocative nickname. What name? The writer pictured here wrote a book with the same name.

11 thoughts on “Daily Question – 134

  1. The Hawk Cuckoo is also known as the “Brain Fever Bird”. The author in the picture is Allan Sealy who has written a book by the same name

  2. The Common Hawk-cuckoo is also called the Brainfever Bird. The author is Irwin Allan Sealy.

  3. When i was in Coimbatore…. my friend Thomas Masun urged me to stop watching Jenna Jameson and do something useful.Go West young man he said.Go to Top Slip where u can see the Brain fever bird out in the wild.Also, take a copy of Alan Sealy’s book of the same name to read on the bus to Valparai he said.

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