Daily Question – 125

Today’s question is from Meera. Identify and come up with a literary connection.


Meera writes, “Visual 1 is Sir Pelham Warner, known affectionately as Plum Warner and the Grand Old Man of English cricket.

Visual 2 is Percy Jeeves British first-class cricketer from England, playing 50 matches for Warwickshire County Cricket Club from 1912 to 1914. I quote from a Cricinfo profile, “When P G Wodehouse racked his
brains to come up with a name for his uber-butler, he recalled the Warwickshire fast bowler with the whippy action”.

Visual 3 is PG Wodehouse.

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse was also known affectionately as Plum. Please do read the delightfully well written profile-brimming with elegant prose-from Cricinfo here. http://content-ind.cricinfo.com/england/content/player/15666.html
Although it says “The flesh-and-blood Jeeves may never have attempted to dissuade friends from wearing lilac spats….”. However, we have always held that the spats were mauve. And mauve is not quite lilac.”

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  1. Dear Uncle:

    The first uncle is Pelham Warner, affectionately known as Plum, a shorthand for Pelham. The same Plum moniker was also given to the third uncle, PG Wodehouse, whose first name was also Pelham.

    The middle uncle is the Yorkshire bowler Percy Jeeves, after whom Wodehouse uncle named his super-manservant Jeeves. For more on Jeeves, see the wonderfully written profile on this page:


    Kind regards
    Thomas Masun

  2. Pelham Warner, Percy Jeeves, P G Wodehouse.

    Pelham and Wodehouse shared the same first name, and nickname. Jeeves was named after Percy.

  3. Every Plum Gorger knows this one.
    ‘Percy Jeeves impressed both the Plums’
    Sir Pelham Warner called as ‘Plum’ Warner is a former Middlesex batsman who played some 10 Test matches for England and later tour manager of the Bodyline series predicted a bright future for Percy Jeeves,a former Warwickshire allrounder who served as the muse for The Plum’s inimitable Jeeves.

  4. 1. Could be Reginald Wooster
    2. English cricketer Percy Jeeves
    3. P.G.Wodehouse

    Berite Woster and Percy Jeeves are named after the cricketers.

  5. P. G. Wodehouse.

    1 – Sir Pelham ‘Plum’ Warner, who shared Wodehouse’s first name as well as his nickname

    2 – Percy Jeeves, after whom a certain Wodehouse character was named.

    3 – Wodehouse himself.

  6. Percy Jeeves, PG Wodehouse and Plum Warner..
    Jeeves was named after Percy Jeeves and Wodehous was called Plum, after Warner

  7. 1.Pelham Warner – nicknamed ‘Plum’
    2.Percy Jeeves – the Warwickshire bowler after whom Wodehouse named his character.
    3.P.G.Wodehouse – also nicknamed ‘Plum’

    G Sreekanth

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