4 thoughts on “Daily Question – 118

  1. The assasination of Afzal Khan.
    1. Pratapgad
    2. Weapon used by Shivaji.. dunno the name.

  2. Tenth standard history lessons. Shivaji killed Bijapuri general Afzal Khan using concealed “bagh nakh” aka “tiger claws” at a meeting/duel at Pratapgarh fort. Image 1 is Pratapgarh, Image 2 shows the weapon.

  3. Ok, this is a wild guess. I suspect the first photo is of the Bijapur fort. The second photo is of a weapon that the Maratha warrior Shivaji used when he killed Afzal Khan who was the ruler/general of Bijapur. I think it is called a “Tiger Claw”.

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