Daily Question – 116

Some people have all the ideas. Explain. (Clue.)

Answer: Kramer, in the TV show Seinfeld, had the idea of a coffeetable book which itself is a coffeetable. Not much unlike Helmut Newton’s Sumo, supposedly the most expensive book production of the 20th century, each copy weighing 30 kg with a table built in to it.

Answered by Udupa, Ajay and Meera.

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  1. Quoting a search-result with the query ‘Helmut Newton Kramer Sumo’ –

    “Helmut Newton was memorialised on a grand scale, before his recent death, with Helmut Newton’s Sumo, billed as the biggest, most expensive book production of the 20th century.

    It weighs 30 kilograms, and comes with its own Philippe Starck-designed display table (Seinfeld’s Kramer imagined a coffee-table book that doubled as a coffee table, and there’s an echo of this in the way the book is displayed, although you can’t imagine anyone actually putting a macchiato down on it.) “

  2. Umm..okay – ‘The Kramer’, painted by guest star Catherine Keener in an episode of Seinfeld. And ‘King of Kink’ Helmut Newton.

    Connection, connection….umm…the painting is described ‘as loathsome and offensive’ by two elderly art critics in that particular episode – which pretty much describes reaction to Newton’s work as well?

  3. 1. Michael Richards as Kramer in Seinfeld
    2. Helmut Newton, who published his book ‘Sumo’
    Connect – The dream of Seinfeld’s Kramer of a coffee-table book ? ‘Sumo’ is a mini coffee table itself!

  4. “Table” books:)

    Cosmo Kramer publishes a coffee table book on coffee tables, with legs, so that it becomes a coffee table itself.

    Helmut Newton’s Sumo, billed the biggest and most expensive book production of the 20th century, weighs 30 kg and it too is designed to be its own table.

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