Daily Question – 114

Identify and connect these vicious individuals.

Answer: TH Huxley and Richard Dawkins, took/take pride in calling themselves “Darwin’s Bulldog” and “Darwin’s Rottweiler” for their tenacious support of evolution.

Answered by Apurva, Nayantara and Udupa.

3 thoughts on “Daily Question – 114

  1. I think there is some mistake in this question. The remaining four visuals of Spinal Tap, West Kensington, Borges and Sunidhi Chauhan forming an exhaustive list have been left out.

    However, going by these two pics, along with the 30 other quizzers who are gonna happily answer, I say,

    Thomas Huxley- “Darwin’s bulldog”
    Dawkins- “Darwin’s rottweiler”.

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