Daily Question – 106

People think something is named after A, but the name comes from B. Explain.

Answer: Salmonella, the genus of bacteria which cause typhoid and foodborne illness is named for Daniel Salmon, a veterinary scientist and not for salmon, the fish.

Cracked by Priya, Sankhya and Zizzyphus.

The QFI Chennai Super King for the week is Sankhya.

3 thoughts on “Daily Question – 106

  1. The Salmonella bacteria are not named after the salmon but after Daniel Elmer Salmon, a US veterinary surgeon, although it was a chap called Theobald Smith, who worked under Salmon, who actually discovered Salmonella.

  2. A very simple one to finish the week,it seems.
    1.Salmon fish.
    2.Daniel Elmer Salmon
    Salmonella,the group of bacteria which causes typhoid is named after Mr.Daniel Salmon and not from salmon fish,but his colleague Theobald Smith was the one who actually discovered it.

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