Daily Question – 99


Dionne Warrick, Buddy Holley, Israel (Irving) Baline and William Falkner – all of them had their names misspelt by others and decided that the misspelling looked better and became Warwick, Holly, Berlin and Faulkner respectively.

Cracked by Thomas Masun, who is also the QFI Chennai Super King for the week by virtue of answering the most number of questions.

One thought on “Daily Question – 99

  1. Dear Uncle,

    This question reminded me of the time when Samanth Uncle drove into the IIT Madras campus, sleepless and hungover, only to be stopped by the security guards, who proceeded to ask him his name.

    “Samanth”, he replied and they went “Eh?”. So he repeated, “SA-MANTH” and the security guard scribbled it down on the entry pass and gave it to him. On the chit was written – ‘Comet’, as he has been known ever since.

    Similarly, Dionne Warwick (Warrick) aunty, Buddy Holly (Holley) uncle, William Faulkner (Falkner) uncle also became famous with misspelled names. I am not able to identify the fourth person uncle. Very sorry.

    Thomas Masun

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