Daily Question – 89

Today’s question comes from Meera Krishnaswamy.

Identify the symbol and put fundaes.

The ‘Trystero symbol’, a muted post horn with one loop, which appears in ‘The Crying of Lot 49’, a novel by Thomas Pynchon.

Cracked by six of you! In order – Raghuvansh, sueibo, priyambad, Sakkat Mane Dovv, Dibyo, and Thejaswi Udupa.

10 thoughts on “Daily Question – 89

  1. Sir,
    I want to be a member of the private mailing list by contributing Rs.150.How do i go abt it?Plz help me!!

    Anubhav Chatterjee.

  2. Dear Annachi,

    I have an aruvaal and my aalu Valarmathi’s name tattoed on my inner wrist. However, this person seems more literature-inclined, and by that I do not mean that he reads Dina Thanthi (even though I do not). This symbol is Trystero’s muted posthorn symbol from Thomas Pynchon’s “The Crying of Lot 49” . I know because it is a book I once saw at the book-stall in Ambasamudram railway station.

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