Daily Question – 84

Today’s question comes from Vikram Rajan, again, who is determined to make up for yesterday’s question!

Identify both and connect.

Thomas Sangster (Visual 1) and Andy Serkis (Visual 2), who have been cast as Tintin and Captain Haddock respectively in the upcoming Tintin movies by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Cracked by 10 of you! In order – Thomas Masun, zizzyphus, anantha, Arun Nirmal, Gaurav, sueibo, Amith, TKB, Raghuvansh, and Paulie.

11 thoughts on “Daily Question – 84

  1. Dear Uncle:

    The questions suddenly got less anal!

    These two people are Thomas Sangster and Andy Serkis, who have been cast to play Tintin and Captain Haddock respectively in Steven Spielberg’s version of the film.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  2. Thomas Sangster and Andy Sarkis both have been cast in Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s Tintin trilogy.Sangster as Tintin and Sarkis may play the role of Captain Haddock.

  3. The first pic is Thomas Sangster. The second is Andy Serkis. They are playing Tintin and Haddock in the movie adaptation of the comics to be directed by Speilberg/Jackson/TBD 🙂

  4. Image 1: Thomas Sangster from last Legion Image 2: Andy Serkis from LOTR; Connect : They play Tintin and Captain Haddock in the upcoming movie – TinTin

  5. Thomas Sangster- image 1
    Andy Serkis -image 2

    they play tintin and Captain haddock in the upcomign tintin movie directed by steven spielberg

  6. Thomas Sangster and Andy Serkis who will be portraying Tintin and Captain Haddock in the movie to be directed by Spielberg

  7. The first is Thomas Sangster, that kid from “Love Actually”. The other guy is Andy Serkis, of Gollum fame. They’re acting in Spielberg’s upcoming motion-capture Tintin trilogy, with Sangster as Tintin and Serkis as Haddock.

  8. Tintin (Thomas Sangster) and Captain Haddock (Andy Serkis) in the upcoming movie on Adventures of Tintin

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