Daily Question – 51

Apologies for the absence of activity on the blog yesterday. Some technical difficulties were to blame. This week will have only six questions!

Connect the man with the place.

The poet Matthew Arnold (Visual 1) coined the term ‘City Of Dreaming Spires’ to describe Oxford (Visual 2).

Cracked by 9 of you! In order – anil raghavan, Thejaswi Udupa, Venkatesh S (Venky), ganesh, philip, Srikanth, Rohan, ashwine, and Sumo.

No one got all six, and only one person got 5. Defending his title successfully, was Thejaswi Udupa! So, presenting the fifth QFI Chennai Super King – Thejaswi Udupa.

9 thoughts on “Daily Question – 51

  1. The first visual is Mathew Arnold, a poet, who coined the term, “city of dreaming spires” to describe Oxford, which is the second visual.

  2. Poet Matthew Arnold who coined the term “City of Dreaming Spires” in reference to Oxford’s university buildings architecture and second visual shows the skyline of Oxford.

  3. The person is poet Matthew Arnold. The place is Oxford.

    Arnold coined the phrase ‘City of Dreaming Spires’ for Oxford.

  4. City of Oxford, thanks to Radcliffe’s camera

    Mathew Arnold who coined the term “the city of dreaming spires”


  5. Mathew Arnold and Oxford – City of Dreaming Spires – a phrase applied to Oxford was coined by mathew arnold

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