Daily Question – 37


Visual 1 shows the Apollo XI Lunar Module Eagle, whose landing on the moon was conveyed by the message ‘The Eagle Has Landed’, a phrase that also formed the title of a best-selling Nazi spy novel by Harry Patterson a.k.a Jack Higgins, who is the man in Visual 2.

Cracked by 11 of you! In order – Sumo, Chris Pearson, vijaysarathy, Thejaswi Udupa, CR, citybank(rupt), The Clueless Anon, Thomas Masun, Rohan, varmaOne and anil raghavan.

14 thoughts on “Daily Question – 37

  1. The Eagle – lunar module, and Jack Higgins who wrote “The Eagle Has Landed” basis the message broadcast on US Radio Stations when the Eagle, indeed, landed

  2. The Eagle has landed.

    Or more appropriately, the old quiz chestnut has landed again.

  3. “The Eagle has Landed” – Famous Lunar Landing quote and Jack Higgins book.

  4. The eagle has landed-moon landing phrase as well as a book by Jack Higgin.
    Hope Thomas did not do a google image search for Jack Higgins. The last picture on the first row would create a scandal in mattanchery high!

  5. Dear Uncle:

    The first photo is Buzz Aldrin Uncle outside the Apollo 11 module Eagle. “The Eagle has Landed” is a book by Jack Higgins.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  6. the connect is “the eagle has landed” .. jack higgins, who wrote the book, and the eagle resting at the sea of tranquility

  7. The 1st pic is the Apollo Lunar Module. Is the 2nd one, one of the founders of the Grumman Corporation that built the Apollo module?

  8. The eagle has landed
    Pic1 shows buzz aldrin with eagle&pic2 shows jack higgins who wrote the book with the same title

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