Daily Question – 23

Today‚Äôs question comes from Jayakanthan, a seemingly unstoppable cyborg answering machine that has been sent back in time from the year 2149 by earth-controlling alien powers to exterminate the quizzing race. Some say that it doesn’t sleep, and prowls the web at night, e-arresting online quiz enthusiasts and looking for obscure Ukrainian movies to download and ask questions about. It wanted to ask this question in the prelims when it did the QFI Grandmaster quiz last year, but apparently ditched it because it was too vague and difficult. The qualifying cut-off then was 5/31. So good luck.

What slang term originated from these two entities? And what does it mean?

The slang term we were looking for was ‘Goach’, which refers to a cheap knock-off of a designer handbag, which comes from a combination of the famous brand names ‘Gucci’ and ‘Coach’, whose logos (the ‘GG’ and the ‘C’) were clearly visible in the question visuals. For a more detailed explanation of the term, with example sentences, click here.

Cracked by only two people! Thomas Masun and Thejaswi Udupa, we salute you!

10 thoughts on “Daily Question – 23

  1. These are Coach bags.

    Bonnie Cashin of Coach Bags Inc. designed bags which were called Cashin-Carry designs, a pun on Cash&Carry chains. Aside from that I can only think of “so Coach” as a slang for upscale chic products.

  2. Dear Uncle:

    The slang term is “Goach,” which is a combination of Gucci and Coach, two luxury handbag brands. Many times in Cochin I have heard the term “Goach” used to refer to cheap fakes of designer brands, so that must be it.

    I confess that I had to go to Wikipedia to figure out that these were handbags. After that, everything naturally fell into place.

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  3. Brilliant Question!

    Goach – Gucci + Coach – used to refer to fake ‘designer’ handbags.

  4. The term is “Handbags at ten paces”, which refers to a a verbal spat, usually between athletes on the field of play.

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