Daily Question – 13

What lies behind?

This is a reconstructed bookcase covering the entrance to Anne Frank’s hiding place, in the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam.

Cracked by 23 of you, including young Thomas Masun, who has obviously been smoking whatever Kamal Haasan did when he wrote ‘Dasavatharam’.

25 thoughts on “Daily Question – 13

  1. Anne Frank’s attic, apparently. Thanks to my friend, goog, who is really smart.

  2. The door behind the bookshelf leads to the secret annex in Anne Frank’s house at Amsterdam. This is where Otto Frank hid with his wife and 2 daughters during the Nazi occupation and Anne Frank wrote her diary.

  3. The Diary of Anne Frank i.e. This book shelf hides the entrance to the hiding place where she wrote the memoirs.

  4. Dear Uncle:

    When I was in Amsterdam, I wanted some coffee, and I went into a cafe. It was rather dimly lit and smoky, but I ordered my espresso anyway.

    After a few minutes, a purple bunny walked into the room, sat down at my table, and we just began to talk. It asked me, pulling crackers out of its ear, if I wanted to see Amsterdam. “Sure,” I said. So we picked up a few packs of chips, because I was feeling hungry, and were on our way.

    At some point — details become hazy, because I seem to have been very tired at the end of it all — the bunny, whose name was Madhusudan, took me to an old building. We climbed up a few floors, and I saw the same exact bookcase. Madhusudan told me that Anne Frank and her family had hidden from the Nazis there for many months. (Madhusudan also told me that his friend the leprechaun deals “the stuff” under the bridge just outside, and that we should pay him a visit.)

    Kind regards,
    Thomas Masun

  5. Short answer: Anne Frank’s hiding place in Amsterdam?

    What we really wanted to say:

    Dear QFI uncle

    Yesterday one boy from Cochin named Thomas ettan came in my dream like Murugan uncle in Kaadalaa Kaadalaa spoke to me. He was wearing only a pink shirt and said that I should spend less time on the philosophy of language and more on Wikipedia if I am to have any chance of doing better than him in quizzes.

    To start me off, that unprincipled son of an unchaste she-camel leaked one question by telepathy and said that this week I should concentrate on Olocaste victims since he thought when Vinod uncle was in London he would’ve gone to the Imperial War Museum and thought of many Olocaste questions.

    So I think so that Anne Frank’s hiding place must be behind the bookcase. It certainly looks like the sort of nook where Thomas ettan will be found up to no good in old tharavaadu style houses.



  6. Reconstructed Bookcase which covered the entry to Anne Frank’s Hiding place in Amsterdam.

  7. When I was in Amsterdam to know more about a break-in at our bank at 264 Prinsengracht, I was told that the criminal had used a hitherto unknown secret door similar to the one at 263 Prinsengracht to enter our bank. So I went to 263 Prinsengracht where i saw the door featured in your question.263 Prinsengracht was Anne Franks house.

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