Daily Question – 75

Today’s question comes from Meera Krishnaswamy, a long time QFI member, and former semi-finalist on ‘Mastermind India’ (Topics: ‘Friends, the TV show – Seasons 1-6’ and ‘Indian Test Victories Abroad’). A notable feature of her Mastermind adventure was that she scored a perfect 20/20 in her specialized subject round on ‘Friends’, answering blinders such as ‘What is Joey’s last name?’. This was in the quarter-final where she defeated, among others, former QFI Secretary, the legendary Gopal Kidao!

An exhaustive list. Identify and connect.

Percy Sherwell of South Africa (Visual 1), Gerry Alexander of the West Indies (Visual 2) and Imtiaz Ahmed of Pakistan (Visual 3) are the only Test captains to keep wickets and also open the batting in the same match.

Cracked by just two of you – vijaysarathy and Raghuvansh! Well done!

3 thoughts on “Daily Question – 75

  1. I forgot to identify them.

    Percy Sherwell
    Gerry Alexander
    Imtiaz Ahmed

    Captains who have kept wicket and opened the batting according to cricinfo records!

  2. The only men to captain, keep wicket *and* open the batting in the same Test – Percy Sherwell of South Africa, Gerry Alexander of the West Indies and Imtiaz Ahmed of Pakistan.

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